Extra Workshops

Playing With Kineck

  • extra-Workshop – Modeling with Blender
    Modeling a Whale with Blender References Neilblevins.com. (2020). CG Education. [online] Available at: http://www.neilblevins.com/cg_education/primary_secondary_and_tertiary_shapes/primary_secondary_and_tertiary_shapes.htm [Accessed 12 Jan. 2020].
  • Starting With Animation
    Today we have given very briefly and above Animate, another adobe program. We've learned basic concepts like: Create a Project Adding basic shapes Create Motion Tween Create Motion Form In practice I have tried to use everything I have learned in one project. And here is the result! Here I leave the steps to create this animation First we … Read more
  • Starting With MicroBit
    What its Microbit? Microbit is an intermediate programming language that helps to develop Java through Blocks. And experiment with the device both virtually and physically. Cach the ball Today we have been doing different tutorials, to better understand how programming languages work at a more basic level. Simple Animation Researching with my partner we saw that there was also … Read more