What’s the plot?

Higgs Logo

A scientist Called Hipo has emulated the creation of the Univierse and the birth of the Human in a virtual machine.

But now Hipo encounters a serious problem! Virtual scientists try to discover the Boson of Higgs.

But if they do, they could make the real and virtual universe collapse into a temporary PARADOX!!

Hipo has too much sympathy for his virtual world to erase it, so he only has one way to remedy it. Interfering without humans realizing they are really a Virtual Machine!

To do this the Hipo will use the elements of nature to go undetected and save Higgs Bosson from being discovered!

Target specs:

Genre: Puzzle-Strategy
Target Rating: PEGI 3
Target Systems: Pc/Android/IOs
Average Game Lenght: 365

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Game Play

Short Mecanics

Its a click, drag and drop game. In which the player must decide between the 4 elements or the combination of them to complete each different level.

In each level you will find different challenges and Enemies in which you will be able to test your God Skills.

It is an evolutionary game in which the Higgs will change his attributes throughout his advancement.

It all depends on how you use your skills. Do you want to be good? or…?


Project 2 Design/Play/Disrupt (Task 4)

Reflections on Escape Higgs

The new task that has hit us now is to create a prototype of the game we show. My team has chosen mine. And I’m very happy and motivated by it! In this part of the task, technically we would have to be working each on the basis of the roles they handed out at the beginning. But I see that we are all doing a little bit of everything. We can’t focus on just one task no matter how much we want to. We are in this to learn as much as possible. And that proves that everyone wants to do things so as not to lose learning… It’s logical.

The Roles that I am in this task are of artist, designer and developer. I do practically everything in this group within the project. But I have realized that I am a good mediator between the rest of my colleagues. I try to make everyone understand each other and share what I know with the rest of the group. Thanks to sharing my skills makes the project move forward in a more fluid way between everyone!

Out of rolls, it’s been a somewhat stressful race … because I feel that there is not much organization and we have concentration problems. But it seems that when we get into it things go better than we expected… so

Estress? Yes… But on the right way!

It took almost a week to make the map, in theory I had to do the characters and so on. But of course, if I didn’t focus on the mechanics, nothing would come out. So I put aside the artistic part and focused more on research on C# and Scripts.

I feel like I’ve done most of the work. Sprites… Logos…. Code… in the end I also had to do the paper work. I feel that they haven’t been involved at all in the project. Only one of the Designers, who moved to Developer has created a basic part of the GamePlay of the game. If it wasn’t for that.. I would have eaten the project by myself… But I’ve learned a lot in the process and that satisfies and motivates me.

If I ever work in a team again I hope that people will be more committed to their responsibilities. And don’t have to fall all over one person.

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