0003 Workshop – Simple animation task

This week’s task has been complicated. Encouraging curved, natural-looking moves is very difficult. I don’t really understand the… basic “laws” of animation. What would be the lines of action, the shapes, the timing, the displacement. All of them together have to function as a perfectly joined whole. But it’s not easy.

Flag Cicle

Animating a flag may seem simple, but it is not and even more so if you want to create a cycle. Cycles help to optimize the animations and speed up the work but getting a good loop needs time and a good eye.

Wave cycle

The principle behind the wave cycle is really very simple and may be applied to a wide range of animations. If donewell it can create some elaborate actions to very good effect.

My Cicle Flag Animation

Walk Cicle

Here I’ve tried to do a cycle of a baby walking, I think it’s funny. I’ve had difficulty with my hair and my arms. But maybe I need a little more work to get a more fluid result.

Modeling a Whale with Blender


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