0001/0002 Workshop – C.R.A.P

Task of this week I’m working in design posters banners and webs using the basics design priciples.


First we need to understand propely this principles to apply that in our profesional or personal proyects. There is like kind of Laws of Grafic Design that works and if you know how to follow you can create Easy, Friendly dinamics Design that can Convey feeling emotions ….

For this task I have decided not to spend much time on the background. I preferred to focus on the content and how it should be distributed. I have also thought about the colors and how to play with them because it is one of my weaknesses.

After looking for several examples of inspiration I have decided to use Oranges, Browns and Yellows as a base color. And to generate contrast the blues.

Banner- Task
Poster – SteamPunk


Alejandra Ávila. (2019). 4 Principios básicos de diseño para diseñadores instruccionales.

Available at:

4 Principios básicos de diseño para diseñadores instruccionales
[Accessed 18 Dec. 2019].

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