WorkShop 0008 – Sort Film Making


This week we have been working on a short film! Our teacher has given us several tips on how to develop our little project.


My partner Charlie had the idea, so it was not very difficult to develop the project, we were clear that we wanted and what we needed.


I focused more on the kinds of shots we were going to need to get some rhythm into the story. In class, when we had all the shots, I commented that he might be breaking the laws of continuity by changing the direction the camera is pointing. And that could prove confusing for the viewer. But we decided to go ahead, because frankly, we liked the shots.

The actors were chosen by Charlie based on our characteristics. And after that we only needed one thing! The location!


I decided on Brandon Hill Park. At first the team was thinking of doing it in the city hall area, but we thought it was a better idea to go to the park for several reasons. I like nature, we were going to have less problems with people because it is a quiet area and because the images we were going to record were probably going to be nicer.

Rec Time

Once we started recording, everything went more or less quickly and smoothly. The most difficult takes were the ones with the ticket and in which Sam and I looked at each other, because… we honestly couldn’t stand the laughter!

But we finally managed to do it without laughter or nonsense and it turned out great!

Harrison did a magnificent job of recording the scenes. And Eli who joined us on day two, carried out the data collection and information regarding the short film. The shots that were good, the bad… Which we were…

We finished relatively quickly and without complications. Personally I would have liked to get some extra shots of the environment, like animals and so on, but unfortunately there wasn’t much time.


After that we went to class for the next phase, Post-pro. I took over the assembly because we lacked time. But I took the opportunity to teach the rest of the students how to do everything and so I think almost everyone learned how the basics work with the video editing program.


Once the assembly was completed, we were missing the next part, and no less important! The sound! We thought about what sounds we were going to need for our project and we went straight to the street to record them all. Sounds like the steps, the ambient sound and some others. The sound of the TICKET! was the most difficult of all. We tried a lot of different places, but it was too noisy on the mobile phone. At the end I had an idea! Record it inside a box! I asked the kitchen to see if they had any… but unfortunately they didn’t. And suddenly I got the light! The garbage boxes! With a perfect hole to put your hand in with your cell phone!

This way we get a much better sound quality with no noise!

After finishing the sound collection play the post-production part of the sound with our software, for this we will need to work with different effects to “clean” our sound as much as possible:

  • Noise Doors
  • Equalizer
  • Compression

And after they are ready, export them to our premier project to have everything perfectly squared and assembled!

The most difficult part by far has been to match the recorded steps with the images. The assembly has been long but has been worthwhile. I have to say that The Irish Fiver has turned out quite well, for our purposes.

The short film outlines the concept of tension. The black and white could have been worked on more. I have to say that I am quite happy with the result of the assembly of the plans. In this project I have taken into account the principles of design. But the one I set my focus on most is the Rhythm.

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