Starting With Animation

Today we have given very briefly and above Animate, another adobe program. We’ve learned basic concepts like:

  • Create a Project
  • Adding basic shapes
  • Create Motion Tween
  • Create Motion Form

In practice I have tried to use everything I have learned in one project. And here is the result!

Here I leave the steps to create this animation

First we open from Template and select the option marked:

Then we go to the shape selection tool and create a Rectangle for example. Now we go to the timeline and right click on the layer of our object and click on Motion Tween. This will create an animation from the start point to the end point, and change the attributes you wanted to change, like position and shape

If you double click on the object’s layer you will open the graphic edition in which you can make finer touches to your animation.

Now let’s create a layer transformation, from a Rectangle to a circle.

To do this, first we create the circle, then we go to our timeline and add a blank key frame.

We finally added a new form on that KeyFrame.

and finally we’re going to right-click on our layer and now click on Shape Tween. This will create a transition between the initial shape and the second shape. As I also change the position, the object moves and changes at the same time.

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