WorkShop 0007 Animated Gifs

Bouncing Ball

We started today to create gifs in photoshop. Here are the class examples.
I decided to make the ball bouncing, because I’ve been reading about it for a long time, I’ve always wanted to do this animation, but I’ve never started with the basics. On the other hand The impossible perspective has always caught my attention, so I tried to create one.

Perspective Imposible

We also did a stop motion exercise. Since I don’t have a Smartphone and Elisa also, we took photos directly and then exported it to PhotoShop.
After taking the photos we realized that we had a lot of photos! And the laziness has attacked us, so I searched how to Import the files into Stack. Link.
But we had a problem, the files were too big and as a result the program took too long to load. So we created an action in PhotoShop.

How to create Acction on PS

After that we want to do that to all photos that we have, so for that,

Go to File > Automate > Batch. In the Play section, select your action.

In the Source section, choose the folder with your photos.

In the Destination section, choose your empty folder.

After That we Import the Images via Open> and at bottom on the windows there is a Button (Options) click on them and then Click box Image secuence.

An that’s It!
The StopMotion Sort is about One Student Murlock that want to ask something to the big Duck, But the duck dont take too much care about little’s murlocks. So the Murlock try to get hight say hello to the Duck, but he fall down and can not get him meta.

StopMotion Task

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