Workshop 0003 Design Principles

The basic principles and elements.

  • Space
  • Balance
  • Hierarchy
  • Pattern
  • Proportion
  • Emphasis
  • Movement
  • Contrast
  • Unity
  • Rhythm

In our task we seen the beginning of space. a concept quite interesting form design, speaks of how to distribute the elements in it, how to use empty spaces, how to use the “Not elements” or empty space. All of them agreed to create limits, shapes, depth.

We discovered the existence of negative space
The negative space in a graphic design is the space around and between a subject in an image. It is a space that helps to define an image by emphasizing it to convey a message.

It is a space that helps to define an image by emphasizing it to convey a message.

Also known as blank spaces, it is considered as a hidden message that is transmitted in the design of both posters and logos.
A good use of the negative space is made by choosing the right colours, the right typography, shadows, gradients and perfect shapes.

A good design is one that besides transmitting a clear message seen with an obviousness, captures in a deeper way the creative concept giving a second message or several, taking advantage of all the spaces within the design.

The message is to give in a subliminal way must be done with creativity and intelligence, with the aim that the consumer or user translates the message correctly. A design is not about blocking spaces or leaving them empty without transmitting, they must take advantage of all the lines and give them a correct use.

Negative space creates balance and harmony, attracts attention and is attractive. It is space considered as the key element in a good artistic composition.

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