Workshop 0002 Playtesting

The goal is gather information about the game thats you can not get from your point of view as developer

I have some troubles from the beginin with the homeworks and the posts, so i didnt make this workshop propely. That’s because im goin to remake together with the Retrogame Workshop.

There are the results, while she was playing I could see at first that at first she felt a little frustrated by not getting things easier, but at the same time I have seen how she became more nervous and euphoric as she progressed and achieved more goals.


  • Did You have Fun?

Yes of course!

  • Did You understand the rules?

Yes but i had some troubles with controls at first time

  • Did you feel the game was fair?

Close enough

  • It was to hard or too easy?

Seems to be easy but have some hard spots

  • How much time did you feel like you were playing?

15 minutes i think but i wanted to continue more time!

  • What was your strategy?

Try not going so fast and pay attention to gaps!

  • To what extent did you feel like you were in control of the outcome of the game?

I think i had most of control

  • Any suggestions?

More levels please, id like to have enemies in movement and improve of movements of the character, like super mario , having the skill to take any added stuff and win some hability to beat the enemies.


I have to say that from the begining i was thinking that te game is really easy, but when the person started to play. I saw that was harder thats my espectations. I discorvered and Fix diferent Problems also. And she gift me to many ideas that how to improve my game.

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