Workshop 0001 Working with Line

Hello im here to make my first post i think its is the begining to my way.

Video game design begins with the question..

What Dream am i going to make real?

Blind Left Hand Sketches

The first day of the course i found myselt a bit lost, but at the same time funny. We where doing some execises about how to draw in diferent ways. Our teacher send us that . For me was very interesting seeing myself drawing with the left hand and also without see something.

I have learned that creativity can be activated in many ways that we don’t normally think about. And that exposing ourselves to situations that we are not used to doing helps us learn and improve our skills.

Drawing Techniques

In the first workshop I was surprised by something very curious for me. I had never thought about grab the pencil in a different way to paint or sketch, Testing. I have discovered that with different ways of using the hand when you paint helps to convey different sensations.

Changing the position of the hand can help you to change from drawing lines to filling spaces or generating shadows.

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